Butterfly Garden in Istanbul

Butterfly Garden in Istanbul
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An enchanting sight that you will not forget, when you visit the Butterfly Garden in Istanbul. It is a beloved tourist destination, tourists visit the park from all over the world to enjoy watching colourful butterflies within their natural environment, as they dance and fly everywhere, 

in addition to the rare flowers and plants it contains, which has made it one of the most famous butterfly gardens in the world.

Butterfly Garden in Istanbul

General information about the Butterfly Garden in Istanbul

The Butterfly Park in Istanbul is located in the Besiktas district near Yildiz Palace, on the Bosphorus Strait, and is an attractive entertainment and scientific destination for tourists, especially children, as it includes many types of the rarest tropical plants and flowers, and large numbers of colourful butterflies that roam freely in vast green spaces.

The Butterfly Park was established in Istanbul in 2014, by chemistry teacher Cigdem Unlu and her husband, with the aim of protecting many types of butterflies from extinction. The idea was inspired by the butterfly farm located in the city of Stratford, the birthplace of the British writer and poet William Shakespeare.

The Butterfly Park in Istanbul is characterized by a charming tropical atmosphere that forms an ideal environment for butterflies and visitors, as it includes more than 420 species of butterflies of different sizes and colours, and 195 species of tropical plants, and it has a specialized supervisory team, whose mission is to create healthy conditions to preserve the butterflies, while providing what they need from food

Butterfly park in Istanbul

Activities available within the Butterfly Garden in Istanbul

When visiting the Butterfly Park in Istanbul, many entertaining activities available that will make your visit an unforgettable experience, such as taking a walk in the park and discovering the beautiful and rare colourful butterflies dancing everywhere, and enjoying seeing the tropical plants and flowers of many shapes and sizes. This is after watching a short film that introduces you to the types of butterflies, their life cycle, and their biological structure.

When you visit the Butterfly Park in Istanbul, you can watch the life cycle of the butterfly, starting with the egg formation stage, then the larval stage, followed by the pupa stage, then the maturity stage, as well as taking a walk with family and friends in the open air within the vast green spaces in the park, and relaxing among the charming natural scenery.

During a visit to the Butterfly Park in Istanbul, you can take the most beautiful and wonderful souvenir photos with the colourful butterflies, practice jogging in the park, and spend a fun time with your children who will have fun among the butterflies, especially when they fly over their heads and sit on their shoulders.

When you finish your visit to the Butterfly Park in Istanbul, you can buy gifts from the stores spreading around the garden, and eat delicious drinks and food in the restaurants and cafes near it.

Working hours and entry prices to the Butterfly Garden in Istanbul

The price of an entrance ticket to the Butterfly Park in Istanbul is 30 Turkish liras for adults and 15 liras for children, with discounts for students and the elderly, while the garden is open to visitors from Tuesday to Sunday from 10 am to 6 pm.

Butterfly Garden

Other gardens close to the Butterfly Garden in Istanbul

The Butterfly Garden in Istanbul is one of the most famous Gardens in Istabnul, both in its Asian and European sides. Among the most prominent of these gardens that tourists from all over the world visit are:

  • Emirgan Park: It is located on the European side, overlooking the Bosphorus Strait. It is characterized by a peaceful nature and a variety of rare trees and plants exceeding 120 species, as well as fields of bright, beautiful flowers, especially tulips with charming colours.
  • Yildiz Historical Park: It surrounds Yildiz Ottoman Palace. It has panoramic views of the Bosphorus and is very popular on weekends. It was once a private hunting ground for the Sultan, with lakes, waterfalls, pools, and a large collection of magnolias, horse chestnuts, oaks, cypresses, pines and elms.
  • Gulhane Park: It is located on the grounds of Topkapi Palace, overlooking the Bosphorus. It maintains a formal, royal character, with tall trees, winding paths, colourful flower beds, many fountains, greenhouses, and terraces, all the way to the museum, making it one of Istanbul’s most distinctive parks.
  • Gunsel Park: It is characterized by beautiful natural scenery and many lakes.
  • Camlica Park: It is one of the city's most important parks for people interested in various sports activities.
  • Falah Park: It is distinguished by striking waterfalls and small basin.
  • Goethe Garden: It includes statues of a group of the most prominent celebrities, writers and artists.

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